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The CPR/ FIRST AID / AED Certification covers CPR for infants, children & adults , and basic first aid - and how to use an AED ( Automated External Defibrillator ) 

This course is for renewing, recertification or initial students.

Course name: CPR-First Aid- AED
Course Length: 3 Hours.
Class price:
Certification: (Valid 2 Years). You wil receive the CPR and First Aid card on the day of the class.

Who should take this CPR/AED class
Teachers (clear credentials), summer camp counselors, coaches, fitness instructions for ACE exams, foster care, social workers,maritime (US Coast Guard approved) nannies, parents, grand parents, babysitters (ten years or older), construction workers & general workplace

CPR Cancellation Policy/Conformation
After registering for this class , you will receive an email conformation with all the details (Check your spam folder).  You can cancel your class 5 days before the class starts and no charge for cancelling.

Click  above to register for a CPR/AED class.